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Original design Silly Cow Teether

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We finally get the silly cow teether to your attention. We have been working on this design for more than 3 months. After hundreds of times' changing and upgrading, it comes to you with this shape and color.

The silly cow teether-how to expalin--Why it looks so stupid?? My little one smiles a lot everytime when he see this silly cow. He grabs it and put it into his month......We always trust babies' feelings. You can see all of our designs are tested by our own babies. If they like it, then "DO IT RIGHT NOW!” Babies are our final designers and boss lol....

The silicone cow teether is 88*58*10mm in demension, it comes with 5 main colors: white, brown, pink, mint and purple. We also welcome custom color. Customers always like special colors, we don't know what color it is, but we can work it out for you if you know. ( Still remember the grey color raccoon? Yes this is the custom color we made for our customer, and it seems very hot)

For more detailed information, pls feel free to contact us at: sales05@melikeysilicone.com

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Silly Cow Teether

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